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Osteogenic differentiation of bone marrow stromal cells (BMSC) in a three-dimensional (3-D) scaffold has not been well studied. In this work, we studied expression of bone-related genes during differentiation of rabbit BMSCs in response to bone morph...
Periodical:  Experimental Cell Research
Authors:  Huang, W. B., Carlsen, B., Wulur, I., Rudkin, G., Ishida, K., Wu, B., Yamaguchi, D. T., Miller, T. A.
Keywords:  biomaterials, bone, bone marrow stromal cells, density, hydrogels, hydrolytic degradation, multiblock copolymers, pla/peo/pla triblock copolymers, poly(epsilon-caprolactone), poly(ethylene glycol), proliferation, scaffolds, tissue engineering

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