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The proliferation, differentiation, and protein synthesis of vascular smooth muscle cells (SMCs) play important roles in vascular remodeling. Here, we compared the genetic programming and signaling of SMCs in collagen matrix as a three-dimensional (3...
Periodical:  FASEB J  2002/12/12
Authors:  Li, S., Lao, J., Chen, B. P., Li, Y. S., Zhao, Y., Chu, J., Chen, K. D., Tsou, T. C., Peck, K., Chien, S.
Keywords:  capsules, chitosan, encapsulation, foam, grafts, hydrogel, immobilization matrix, line, matrix, parkinson`s disease, parkinsons-disease, pc12, pc12 cells, pva, scaffold, tissue, transplant, transplantation

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