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With an aim to mimic natural extracellular matrix, we fabricated the nano- and microfibrous matrix with chitosan by electrospinning nanofibers onto predefined microfibrous mesh for effective chondrocytes cultivation. Rolling the double-layered nano-/...
Periodical:  J Biomed Mater Res A  2008/06/20
Authors:  Shim, I. K., Suh, W. H., Lee, S. Y., Lee, S. H., Heo, S. J., Lee, M. C., Lee, S. J.
Keywords:  adhesions, ADSORPTION, BETA-OXIDATION, bioactive ceramics, COMPOSITES, CULTURE, cytocompatibility, differentiation, DRUG, electrospin, EX-VIVO EXPANSION, EXPRESSION, extracellular-matrix, FATTY LIVER, fibers, focal adhesion, Gel entrapment, GENE-EXPRESSION, Hepatotoxicity, IN-VITRO, IN-VITRO MODEL, INHIBITION, marrow stromal cells, MATRIX-MEDIATED RETENTION, mesenchymal stem cells, MESENCHYMAL STEM-CELLS, MICE, MITOCHONDRIAL PERMEABILITY TRANSITION, nanofibers, OSTEOBLASTIC DIFFERENTIATION, proliferation, proteins, Rat hepatocytes, RESPONSES, scaffold, Steatohepatitis, STEATOSIS, surface, Tetracycline, tissue engineering, type i collagen

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