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BACKGROUND/AIMS: We postulated that alpha-smooth muscle actin expressed in primary cultured mesangial cells is down-regulated in 3-dimensional (D) culture and up-regulated by high glucose and growth factors. METHODS: Primary rat mesangial cells were ...
Periodical:  Nephron Exp Nephrol  2008/07/05
Authors:  Whiteside, C., Munk, S., Ispanovic, E., Wang, H., Goldberg, H., Kapus, A., Xia, L.
Keywords:  articular-cartilage, bovine, cartilage tissue engineering, chondrocytes, collagen type i, concentric cylinder bioreactor, ii collagen, in-vitro, intermittent hydrostatic-pressure, matrix biosynthesis, mechanical loading, messenger-rna expression, oxygen tension, polyurethane scaffolds, surface motion, tissue-engineered cartilage

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