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The goal of this study was to compare expression of chondrocyte-associated antigen (CAA) and cartilage matrix molecules in 2-D (monolayer) and 3-D (Matrigel) Culture. Chondrocytes isolated from the cartilage of 3-day-old rats were expanded in monolay...
Periodical:  Molecular Medicine Reports
Authors:  Osiecka-Iwan, A., Hyc, A., Niderla-Bielinska, J., Moskalewski, S.
Keywords:  bone, BONE PORE-WATER, CELL-LINES, continuous scaffold, CYCLIC PRESSURE, discrete scaffold, FLUID-FLOW, hydrostatic compression, IN-VITRO, INCREASES, MECHANICAL STIMULATION, MICROGRAVITY, MINERALIZED MATRIX DEPOSITION, OSTEOBLASTS, shear stress, SIMULATED, three-dimensional

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